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created by Olwg

Interactive visualisation of relationships, trends, groupings and comparisons of technologies and developments.


Features include:

  • Geospatial heat maps and clustering of emissions and project capacity

  • Flexible filtering by Regions, min. emission size, clusters, industry sectors

  • Interactive cross-filtering by relationship

  • Special visuals such as Development Pipeline, Sankey Charts etc

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CO2 Heat Map.png

Simple interactive heat map and dashboard to show the clustering of single point UK industrial CO2 emissions.  The data is taken from NAEI emissions database and shows the recorded 2019 emissions.  

Created by Olwg.  in-vis subscription required.

in-vis subscription required
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03-03-22 Insyn Nuclear Power BI.png

Simple interactive visualisations  to help understand what the past and present looks like for UK nuclear capacity + operational output, and what the future may look like.

Created by Olwg.  in-vis subscription required. 

in-vis subscription required
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in-sim more coming soon

Currently only carbon capture and nuclear visualisation applications are available.  in-vis dashboards for other technologies are in development. 

Contact Olwg to discuss how in-sim applications can customised and licenced for commercial use, or how similar related bespoke apps like this example could be created for private commercial use.

more in-sim coming soon